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Welcome to the first website talking

about cars without showing a single!

The automotive face of energy and environmental issues

Key figures of the automobile:

CO2 and energy constraints:

Reflections on the future of the park:

The electric vehicle:

  • Why we do not already ride all the electricity?
  • What is the market like electricity?
  • Electric cars allow it to save energy?
  • The electric car allows it to reduce CO2 emissions?
  • Is there enough Lithium on earth to make batteries for automobiles?
  • What can we expect hybrid vehicles?
  • Is it easy to transport electricity?
  • Should we build new plants to sell electric vehicles?

Alternative fuels:

  • The fuel cell has a chance to get it in the garage of Mr. everybody?
  • The trapping carbon is it a panacea?
  • Alone would not he turn coal into oil?


  • What is biofuel?
  • Biofuels can it save energy?
  • Biofuels allow it to reduce CO2 emissions?
  • Will drive us all one day to biofuels?