Gambling online, above the law, easy to play quickly?

Going back between 2015 – 2016, there were 213,000 online gambling websites surveyed by the Office of the Health Promotion Fund (SSS). At present, there are still many online gambling websites. The latest survey of 2018 has more than 230,000 online gambling websites likely to increase.

Every day, anyone can play “online gambling” simply by having a smartphone and the internet. Moreover, many online gambling websites are available. Also doing advertising, compressing promotions, bonuses Persuade players to take risks Fun start With hundreds of funds But finally withdrew to become a “ghost gambling” losing a hundred thousand million lives!

Importantly, it is difficult for law enforcement to control the proceedings. Because these gambling websites often set up servers in foreign countries and some online gambling websites are legally open in foreign countries. These factors are limitations of the Thai authorities.

The online gambling trend is becoming increasingly serious. Often see advertisements on pirated movies Or various Facebook pages. There is an online gambling warning lurking in the gaming group. Lure the players with heavy promotions, receive a 100 percent bonus, get a free bonus of 1,000 baht, etc. if applying for an account opening immediately. Some websites apply easily in less than 10 minutes, just a bank account book. And phone number Some websites are tricky to process and require verification for a long time.

Gambling online casino Gclub There are a variety of gambling such as bookmakers , baccarat, roulette, slots, etc., available to play 24 hours, called play anywhere, anytime. No matter who you are, you can play. Just have a smartphone to connect to the internet.

After accepting an invitation from an online gambling website to play, initially I got a little bit of money, some smiles after some. Enough Throwing money in the hope of returning the capital Finally caught in the vicious cycle Not only There is also a trick by making video clips teaching various cheats. Widely via Youtube, encouraging players to faint and dim Hope to get rich from gambling shortcuts. Finally, lose money.

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